Review Midnight Show – Bloody Performances in Theaters Threatened Bankrupt

As the opening of a thriller-slasher, movie Midnight Show sufficiently succeeded in stimulating my hair stand. The film directed by Rona Tembang Asri Ginanti is presenting blood in a way that is relatively soft, but the terrorizing. He did not exploit the murder with blood rain, he served out terror with interwoven stories full of mystery.

Fortunately, despite carrying a bold and rare genre, does not necessarily make a fourth film is Renee Pictures capitalize just different. Director who once studied to Gareth Evans (The Raid) and Mo Brothers (Killers) is proved by the results fairly dazzling as penyutradaraanya debut in movie theaters.

At least, there are two things that really stand out in the film that began airing this January 14, 2016, the story and acting. Since the film began, the text produced by this Atmojo Hussein has provoked curiosity. Why is there a little boy kills his own family? Then this story flowed explained about the life of theater threatened with bankruptcy, and the fluctuation of konfik murder in it.

The author who is familiarly called Monji this still presents a story in the onslaught of intelligent sensor in the film. The film tells the story of the murder in a movie theater setting air-90s is not just to kill and be killed. No motive underlying the killing, though it must be acknowledged not all of them fairly strong on each victim. Then twist presented arguably ciamik and cleverly, as well as the concept of the film in the film that visualized by Director of Photography, Joel F. Zola made me stay in the cinema seat, until the screen is almost back in white.

In terms of acting, horror or thriller genre that claim often constrained by the level of acting. This happens not only in Indonesia, but also outside, including Holywood. Many players fail to feel and transmit fear in his own movie, but not with this film. Many scenes in the movie starring Fernandho Gandhi, Acha Septriasa, Ganindra Bimo able to get out of these problems. Even in this film is also the best performance for Ben, and Gandhi throughout his career, so far.

Unlike the previous film Gangster, Ben was given the opportunity to build a character, not a quasi-mysterious figure. No causal makes it like that, so when she devoted all her emotions in her role made her acting more spectacular. Maybe if given a little more character development, the director cast this boy deserve to be nominated as best actor.

On the other hand, the actor who doubles as a producer is also up a class in terms of acting. Men born 25 years ago is starting to learn from previous mistakes. Stiff acting is hard to find, acting much better. It just needs to be fixed by Gandhi (Juna) is the appreciation of sadness and fear are less convincing. For example when we lose someone who is a role model since childhood. Sadness that this indicated less excavated, because it looks as though it has not been long known. In some scenes he is still seen pretending to be afraid, not really scared. In other words, the part that he has not been up to absorb terror into him.

While Acha still dazzling through his acting. The actress who usually plays a role in the film as well as religious drama is challenged to dig deeper into his acting skills. Although the first time to play in the realm of the thriller, starring Naya proved that his acting acumen is not merely expressed in the usual genre plays. Likewise with Ratu Felisha, Daniel Typhoon, Arthur Tobing, Ronny P. Tjandra, and Gesata Stella pretty good in terms of acting. Unlike the case with Boy Harsha (Ikhsan) very unusual acting than others.

Talk about a thriller-slasher course nonsense when bloodless. As I described, eerie atmosphere has started from the first minutes. Blood splattered over the knife is not so much flooded the floor and clothes, but passable enough evoke horror.

However, unfortunately, there are other factors that make this movie almost loses his strength. Scenes that are supposed to induce fear and prolonged nausea actually stolen the censors. With all its limitations, the remaining pieces of bloody fighting frighten the audience with a limp. Therefore also, editing is processed by the nominator best editing FFI 2010, Andhy Pulung feels so rough after the shearing.

Unlike the first time that I watched, when they have more power as a thriller, but after censored three times, the film is felt to be mediocre when compared to outdoor movies that get their rights as a film or its predecessor, Rumah Dara. The film is almost stripped of its attributes as a scary movie.

Of course this is not the fault of the filmmakers, but there are other factors that ultimately make it just like that. However, as the audience would not care about the reason for the sensor. After all it is a consequence which must be accepted gracefully.

On the other hand, apart from the matter of censorship. There are many unanswered questions in this film. The answer is left a mystery. For example why the judge, prosecutors and media to act reckless like that, what’s behind it? And there was more to stimulate the brain to think hard. You could say the audience is left to proceed and solve many questions itself with imagination and argument respectively.

However, overall the film is still interesting to watch, because in addition to acting and supported with good stories, the film is planned to follow the international film festivals have also contributed music and sinemathografi fairly tense. Besides, who knows when again there is the Indonesian film with a genre like that, so it should be appreciated more so as many thriller-slasher emerging.